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Beatboxing & Beyond

  • "Beatboxing & Beyond is a revelation - it's a worthy addition to all our libraries." - Flutist Quarterly 

  • 2022 Winner of the Tennessee Tech Scholastic Research Award

  • 2022 Finalist of the National Flute Association Newly Published Works Award

  • 2021 Winner of a Cookeville Arts Council Grant

Into the Beyond

Volume 2 to “Beatboxing and Beyond: an Essential Method for the 21st-Century Flutist."


A method book for flutists looking to level-up their extended techniques by alternating between techniques and layering techniques such as beatboxing syllables, jet whistles, singing and playing, flutter tonguing, multi-phonics, and much more!

List of suggested repertoire included.

The Flute Music of Anna Bon

This article explores the interesting musical life and background of 18th-century composer, Anna Bon di Venezia. It also explores her two collections composed for the transverse flute.

Pedagogical Article

Pedagogical Approaches to Extended Techniques

Extended techniques don't just help flutists with contemporary music, they help improve traditional playing as well! Read on to learn more.


Flute Examiner Interview

Jessica Dunnavant and I discuss pedagogy, Into the Beyond, commissioning and more!

Flute VieW Interview

Read about the release of Volume 2: Into the Beyond

Flute, Friendship, and a pandemic project brought
to life

Learn about the year-long process that brought Beatboxing & Beyond to life!

Nashville Voyager Feature

Learn more about my work in this Nashville Voyager Feature!

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